All pictures in this gallery available in either 9 x 12 or 12 x 18 inches.  All prints are mounted on 1/2 in MDF ready to hang. The 1/2 inch MDF is thin enough that they also mounted in most frames.

The  9 x 12 inch pictures are $25 and the 12 x 18 inch  pictures are $40.

"Agave 3"

"Blushing  Cactus"

"Claret Cup"

"Daisy, Daisy"


"Mezcal and Flowers"

"Golden Daisies"

"Mercer Lily "

"Peach Beauties"


"Saguaro Trio"

"Golden Pricklly Pear"

"Prickly Pear Times Three"



"Glowing Cactus"

"Saguaro Glory"

"Blushing Water Lily"

"Costa Rica Bird"

"Yellow Cactus"